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The NHLS in Cape Town offers many specialised tests for diagnosis of Inherited Diseases along with genetic tests for a wide variety of viral and bacterial disease.

The Chemical Pathology Laboratory at Red Cross Children's Hospital and Groote Schuur Hospital performs specific testing for the purpose of diagnosing and monitoring patients with inborn errors of metabolism. The laboratory provides testing for the quantitative determination of a broad array of analytes. In addition, many enzyme assays are available for specific disorders.

The DNA Diagnostic Laboratory at Groote Schuur hospital provides DNA-based testing for the molecular diagnosis, carrier testing, and prenatal testing of hereditary disorders. Mutation detection methods used in the laboratory include genotyping, real-time quantitative PCR, bead array analysis, high resolution melts, sequencing and classic PCR.

The Cytogenetics Laboratory offers comprehensive diagnostic services including high-resolution chromosome analysis, FISH and Chromosomal Microarray Analysis.

The Virology Laboratory performs a full range of quantitative and qualitative diagnostic genetic tests for viral infections.

The Microbiology Laboratory offers a wide range of genetic tests for pathogens which includes line probe assays.